Hi guys, I decided to write a post on loving your body. It's a bit different, but it's kindof where I'm at right now with how see my body and self-love.

We often see our bodies as a thing of beauty and a part of ourselves we must beautify and change in order to be more beautiful. In world of tea for weight loss, extreme clean eating and lip fillers we often lost sight of the fact our body has many other purposes to existing than just being beautiful. Our legs are created to allow us to walk, our eyes to allow to see, our lungs to allow us to breath. We do not care for our bodies in the way of helping them do their jobs and making our bodies feel good. Therefore I would suggest the first step towards loving our bodies is to change how we relate to our bodies. Instead of seeing our bodies as just a physical form we must beautify, we should also see our bodies as tools that allow us to live, which should be looked after and respected. Ultimately God has given us our bodies for so many more purposes than beauty and we must love, look after and see our bodies it in all these ways.

Anyway on with the blog: :)

Ways to focus on what makes your body feel good and function properly (or said in another way LOVE YOUR BODY):

1.FOOD: Don't do extreme diets. Really low calories or low carb diets that restrict lots of foods mean you won't get a varied diet. This will mess around with a number of your body's processes and cycles. e.g. your menstrual cycle and your sleep cycles. These cycles are part of our nature and we shouldn't inhibit them. I would recommend the Mediterranean diet and just listening to what your body wants (it is actually pretty smart) when loving your body with your food.

2.EXERCISE: Get active, it's good for your heart, mental health and lungs. Find an exercise you like doing. For me, I don't like running or group sports, like netball or hockey. But I love doing flow yoga in my room and working out on the crosstrainer at the gym. I also like zumba classes, however cannot not commit to the them. But if Zumba are for you then go for it! Try new exercise, maybe you'll love kickboxing, trampolining or swimming.

3.GET OUTDOORS: And I don't just mean go on a walk in the city or by a local factory. Try to spend some time in nature, parks and where the air is clean and not so polluted. Seeing God's creation in it's natural form can remind us how clever everything God made is, including our bodies. Air in the city pollutes our lung and makes us feel ill; one way to feel better and look after our bodies is to spend some time in nature and go for a country walk.

4.COUNT THE BLESSINGS: Occasionally reflect about how many things are right about your body. You have sight, not do you have sight, you have sight without pain. You can see colour, shapes, read and navigate your way through the world. For some of us we don't need glasses and we often forget the blessing of this. You can count the blessings of every body part and this will make you realise how amazing your body is and make you love it and want to take care of it.

5.STUDY HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY: One way to love your body is to find out how you should look after it. This requires researching knowledge and reflecting on how you should yourself should take care of your body. in all its uniqueness from God and beautiful design. For me, I study an extra module on health psychology at university where we study health behaviours and how to look after yourself. But you don't have to do this, one place I really love to get information about how to look after my body is a Podcast called 'the Food Medic' on spotify. It's really informative and balanced. I'd give it a listen.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. How do you look after your body? Any recommendations of tasty unusual fruits or veg to try to maintain the balance in our diets? Any other questions comments, please leave them in the box below.

Thanks for reading,
Becca xoxoxo