Hello guys!

So today I am gonna show you how my fall bucket list 18 worked out.

Do you want to check it? Here you have it and ofc another article about those things I told I won't do or can't do but you should and after all, I ve done some.

Now, let's begin!

1. Don' t kill anyone in college, I mean anyone! - Hard but DONE
2. Photoshoots. No more details needed -OFC DONE

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3. Love him, seriously! (How could I not?) -YUP

4. Keep working out - Walking does not count so No
5. And eating more heathy food - I eat better, regullary but still NOT enough
6. Drink water, or sugar free drinks, green tea, water fruits. Just something with a lot of water!! - ALMOST Perfect

7. Buy gifts for Christmas (Mom, sis, granny, hubby, bff(s) ) - For Wazz, hub and mom almost ready to wrap
8. Travel 3 new places - Just 1

Arhitecture, autumn, and city image autumn, day, and fall image autumn, fall, and fun image

9. Read another 3 books - Unfortunately FAILED
10. Enjoy a rainy day at Velo (cafe) - I enjoyed few days at Velo, but it ain't rained whole autumn so...NO
11. Flavored coffe (cinamnom <3) - YUP, and mint
12. Walks - YESSS, lots of them

autumn, fall, and hiking image autumn, brasov, and fall image autumn, coffee, and enjoy image autumn, coffee, and fall image

13. Artistic projects - NOT YET, in 3 hours YES
14. Pine cones (as much as you find bring them to mee :)) ) - YUP, I am gonna paint them later so I can solve no 13
15. Study more, don't skip classes - Proud of me with this one cause YES
16. Stargazin - YES, with bae so it was even more special
17. Crave pumpkins - NO

18. Focus on that chocolate factory (Low of attraction) - Fuuu*** No
19. Dream your life (Low of attraction) - I made my vision board and I want to contiue it

20. Learn french -Oui, mais pas assez. I mean l have to work more
21. Love yourself - I think YES
22. Make piee - No
23. Gather chestnuts - Just a few
24. Thanksgivingday with Ena and Nico (BFFs) - Actually I spent it home and wrote 2 articles about it.

25. Start Gossip Girl again - Yes and I finished it Monday
26. Harry Potter marathon - YES, with hubbby
27. The nightmare before Christmas - NO, because I decided this year to watch it as a Christmas movie
28. Maybe do something for Halloween- I went home and watched some movies but before I took and amazing photo

autumn, cafe, and cat image

29. Just chill - A lot
30. Light up candles - No
31. Use seasonal color for clothes, make up and nails - I think I've done my best

autumn, fall, and fashion image autumn, fall, and fashion image

32. Season sale - I bought a skirt
33. Hot cocoa, chocolate and stuff - YUP
34. Winter bucket list -Yup and Holiday bucket list.

35. New playlist cause spring of '17 is so depressing :)) - No, I stick to '17
36. House projects -No
37. Visual boards - YES
38. Read outside - NO...

39. Buy a pillow or two - No
40. Have a red wine and popcorn movie day - Not that lonley
41. Visit a festival - Yes, hometown festival and Sibiu Christmas Fair

Arhitecture, christmas, and december image

42. Enjoy being outside - A lot
43. Take a walk when it is raining - No, but I told you that I that it ain't rained
44. Stay away from too much drama. -Proud of me cause I did it
45. Drive through forest - YUP

autumn, fall, and forest image autumn, beautiful, and clouds image

Those things were on my FBL18 but here I have some other things I have done...

Jump in a pile of leaves. - Not exactly jumped in but I played and stayed layed on the leaves only to enjoy the day.

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Cook or bake.- I helped my boyfriend's mother with baking some goodies.

Go apple picking.- This year we picked apple earlier so I was home and able to enjoy it

Go mushroom picking. - Until now, I went home pretty often so I had the chance.

Well this is how my fall was, I have tried my best to show it to you in pictures too.

Hope you enjoyed it and you will follow me for more!


Also if you want ckeck my last article

Have a nice day!