Symbolised by the Ram, this fire sign like its element is fiery, energetic, ambitious. They may however be impatient or come off as aggressive. It is ruled by mars and the colour associated with it is red.

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Practical, well-grounded and loyal, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury. They tend to be stubborn, possessive but are also naturally sensual, and irresistible. Often associated with earthy colours like green. Their symbol is the bull.

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The twins of the zodiac are known for being social chameleons. Ruled by Mercury, they don't hold back on their words and are known and remembered for their outspoken nature. Their colour is yellow, representing their never ending optimism and energy.

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Intuitive and emotional, they are ruled by the moon. They are highly imaginative and feel at ease at home. They may however, tend to keep their emotions to themselves and then suddenly erupt when they have had enough. But the crab is tenacious inspite of its soft nature. Their colour is white.

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Leos are ruled by the sun and are admired by everyone for their passion, energy and their ability to stay in the limelight. Often the center of all attention, their symbol is the lion and they are linked with the colour gold. Nonetheless, they may be called out for being self-centered and stubborn at times.

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The Earth Sign with Mercury as its ruling planet pays the most attention to details and are known as perfectionists. Sophisticated and graceful, they seem almost ethereal. But their focus for perfection can lead them to being frustrated at themselves. Their sign, the virgin and their colour is silver.

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The scales of the zodiac have blue as their colour and are ruled by Venus. Intelligent and kind, this air sign has a rich inner life and an eye for aesthetics. But they tend to put others before themselves.

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The scorpio is seductive, sexy and passionate and is the most intense water sign. Their colour is black like the scorpion. They are imaginative but may come off as intimidating and secretive to others. Their ruler is mars/pluto.

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The archer of the zodiac is the happiest when it travels. Independent and strong-willed, it is ruled by Jupiter and this fire sign has purple as its colour. They may however be too blunt at times but are generous too.

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With Saturn as its planetary ruler, the capricorn, designated by the horned goat is the hard-worker of the zodiac. Grounded, goal oriented and neat, this earth sign may have the reputation of being money-minded or stubborn but are more likely to climb up the corporate ladder. Their colour is brown.

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The last air sign is ironically characterized by the water bearer. Ruled by uranus, they may either come off as boisterous or shy. But they are intellectuals in need of independence. They might be emotionally distant as times but are loyal friends. Their colour is turquoise.

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The last sign of the zodiac has all the traits of the aforementioned signs combined which is why they may appear mysterious and elusive. The fish is imaginative and loves self-expression through art or music. They may however tend to victimise themselves and be escapists. But, being of empathetic nature, they come off as old souls and dreamy. Their rulers are neptune and jupiter and their colour is sea green.

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