So you've spent the year attempting to spark a flame with various prospects, yet nothing is coming out of it.

It's getting colder outside and the holidays are quickly approaching, and you're probably wondering "What was this year?"

As nice as it would have been to have someone special, you begin to wonder "Well maybe there's something wrong with me," or "Nobody really cares to stick around."


It's not you, and it never was. Some people just weren't meant to stay in your life. Some people really are only here for a season, and unfortunately it isn't always up to you to keep them around. Stop thinking that it's you. You're absolutely amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you.

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Imagine your love life going this great.

So What Is It?

Have you ever been accused of having such "high" standards? Maybe you were told you were incredibly too boujie? Well good... There's nothing worse than a woman without standards, and enabling men with the bare minimum behavior.

Maybe gas money, food, and sex aren't the key to your heart- and that is OK. Why should it be? Should we not expect more out of our men who were biologically created to provide and protect? They like to ask women what we "bring to the table".

It is encouraged to date around. Figure out what you do and do not want when it comes to getting serious and being in a committed relationship. Do not compromise too much of yourself to where you lose yourself. You're greater than that.

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It's Getting Cold Outside

Yeah, I know. But your sanity and self worth are so much more important than any man that decides to interrupt your life.

  • You can survive the cold
  • Put yourself first
  • Being "boujie" is ok because you know exactly what you want
  • You don't need a man, they need you
  • Not everyone deserves to experience YOU

When someone wants to know what you "bring to the table," you tell them;

I bring me
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