full name: Daniella Anne Reginald, she's the oldest daughter of the Reginalds.
birth date: June 15th, 1998
age: 20
zodiac sign: Gemini.
height: average.
family: 4 sisters, a brother, her parents, her 5 stepsisters, her 5 stepsisters and a stepbrother.
likes: ball gowns, blueberries, birds, tea and sunsets.
favorite colors: blue and grey.
most likely hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.


hair, blonde, and braid image eye image lips, rainbow, and pink image Temporarily removed
she has beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous light blue eyes and pink lips which she always bites when she's nervous or thinking about something very serious.

dressing style:

dress, blue, and princess image dress, girl, and blue image blue, dress, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
daniella prefers blue over every color, she doesn't care whether she's wearing dark blue or light blue, she just loves anything blue.


quotes, hope, and life image traveler, poetry, and quotes image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
she's very brave and confident, nobody can tell her what to do, she always listens to her mind, and herself and she likes creating poems and quotes in her head.


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, aesthetic, and bird image Image by tenderlygirl
drinking tea, growing plants and exploring in the palace gardens and thinking thoughts.


aesthetic, art, and angel image art, sea, and blue image girl, hair, and blonde image bunny, embroidery, and hare image Temporarily removed Image removed

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