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I had a lot of fun making the "If I were famous" tag, so I decided to join this tag too. I've always wanted to have a twin brother, so this is going to be based on how a boy version of myself (twin brother) would be.


Name: Elijah (meaning: The Lord is my God)

Age: 18

Physical Appearance:

man and black men image boy, icon, and fashion image fitness, male model, and nike image tattoo image


bowl, cereal, and funny image Temporarily removed will smith, attractive, and funny image couple, he got game, and movie image Temporarily removed quotes, love, and tupac image Temporarily removed art, artist, and fuck off image art and artist image quotes, tribe, and friends image
Funny, creative, caring, loves his family and friends.


boy and melanin image Image by Aaaurélie S. boy image Image by 🌱 Image removed Image by $HAYLA🍒
Mix between 90s fashion and today's fashion, streetwear or classy depending according to the day or ocassion.


study, book, and college image color, girl, and heart image 2016, backstage, and studio image Mature image
College student (business), rapper and music producer.


Temporarily removed Image removed music, vintage, and dark academia image Temporarily removed prettymuch image skate, urban, and vans image Image by a n a boxing, creed, and movie image
Art, playing instruments, reading, skating and boxing.


house, home, and luxury image Temporarily removed Image removed bedroom, house, and interior image
Parents house // LA house shared with friends when working


Temporarily removed


dog image fish, gold fish, and swim image adorable, dragon, and pet image black, snake, and animal image

Instagram feed

travel, rome, and city image tattoo, boy, and Hot image boy, flowers, and model image dreads and natural hair image Image by t <3 Image by hannijr746 girl and hair image couple and love image beard, muscles, and pool image boy, melanin, and guy image watch, luxury, and man image boy and black image Image removed black, brown, and fashion image Image removed study, coffee, and college image boy image dark, neon, and purple image smoke, car, and night image book, college, and study image Image removed feelings, gentleman, and girls image

This is it! I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now I wish I could be a boy for a day hahah. See you in the next one ❤

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