Hi guys! Here I am again…

The moment you walked through that door I knew you would be the death of me.
I knew you were the reason my breath was stuck in my throat.
You were the reason I was unable to move.

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The moment you walked up to me I felt like fainting.
I knew you came up to me because of my parents who invited you.
You greeted me and I could not find my words.

You walked away just as easy as you walked up to me.
I watched you leave because I could not avert my eyes.
You were the only thing that I could think of.

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You took my breath every time you looked at me.
You noticed because you asked me if I needed to get some air.
You came along not knowing you were the reason.

You gave me your jacket because you saw how cold I was.
You noticed me trying to catch my breath
‘Are you okay?’ is what you asked.

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‘Yes you’re just breath taking’ I answered.
‘Than we feel the same’ you said.

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So this was it for this article hoped you like it! And see you in my next one...