just some stuff I like
  • playboy
Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image girl, Playboy, and tattoo image black and white, fashion, and nails image
I really like playboy accessories for some reason.
  • daisies/ flowers
fashion, grunge, and aesthetic image 90s, fashion, and grunge image big bang, g-dragon, and VIP image gdragon, bigbang, and peaceminusone image
I don't know why, but I like them a lot.
  • locks
black, chains, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative, archive, and black image Abusive image
Would 100% wear them if my mom allowed me to.
  • flames
Image by \ Image by Ashley Image removed Image removed
They are going out of style, but I still like them because I'm a rebel (I wish lol)
  • big rings
aesthetic, ghetto, and gold image asia, color, and fashion image fashion, soft ghetto, and cyber ghetto image necklace and aesthetic image
If a guy wears rings like these they can like ... get it.
  • nipples
Image by tracysbb beauty, body, and fashion image clothes, girl, and grunge image Abusive image
This list is getting weird
  • dragons
aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image blue, boy, and fashion image Temporarily removed fashion, clothes, and grunge image
It might have something to do with my love for gdragon
  • buckethats
kpop, hyuna, and triple h image outfit image bts, jungkook, and lq image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I really like the furry bucket hats too.
  • pink fur
aesthetic, brand, and clothing image pink, aesthetic, and asian image fashion, girl, and pink image alternative, indie, and model image
It has to be faux fur.