Hello dear we heart it friends, the white and icy season is almost here. I just love winter ( in my country, there is snow but not so much as I wish ), all cities are getting ready for holidays.
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Since winter is my favorite, here is a list with activities:
1. Home decorations
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2. We prepare the presents
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3. Holiday Shopping
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4. Ice Skating
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5. Make a Snow Angel
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6. Playing in the snow
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7. Do you wanna build a Snowman???
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8. Listening and singing Christmas Songs
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9. Making Christmas Sweets
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10. Wearing Christmas clothes
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There are so many beautiful things to do this time of year, when we can be with our friends and family at Christmas Dinner and New Year Celebration. Do what you love and what you like, spend the winter in your way and enjoy every moment.
Love you all!!! 