Hey guys! :)

So, it's been officially a month since my very first and latest article, which was an october playlist. Well, as you can see from the title, this won't be a playlist article. In fact, it won't have to do anything with music at all. You know the quote ,,set some goals, stay quiet about them, smash the shit out of them, clap for your damn self" right? Let's just pretend you don't, or at least let me pretend i don't. I'm the kind of girl who tells people her goals, so when I achieve them, I don't have to celebrate alone. ((Yes I know I'm selfish, but what can i do? There's barely anything that I can do alone, I crave company)) So, imma list all of my goals for this upcoming month, starting tomorrow.


This last week of november I've been absent, I'm currently home-alone, streaming my aldana playlist on Spotify and binge-watching That 70's Show on Netflix.
Therefore, my nr. 1 goal for december is to catch up with all the homework and tests, and hopefully ace them. I have this little competition with one of my friends to have a 4.0+ average at the end of every month. The one with the least average has to pay for a movie in summer.

college, goals, and motivation image
this pic really hits me in the feels, I constantly have to be reminded to this

I don't think I have any more specific goals for school, I just don't want to loose my current grades because I'm actually really satisfied them.Of course I have some (three) weak subjects, but if I'm 100% honest, if i studied harder, I wouldn't have any. Go me.


I don't know if you have read my previous article, but if you have, you must know how hard these past months have been for me. If you haven't, well, in a nutshell,I got my first real heartbreak.I'm kinda okay now, but don't get me wrong, I do still have some of the worst days ever. And some other days, I'm just the happiest person you've ever seen. There's literally no inbetween. So as for my menthal health, I want to be okay, not just kinda okay. He really fucked me up in every possible ways,the reason he was still a part of my life after all the torturing he did, was that I came up with excuses for him, which, (as it turned out) wasn't worth it in the end. It's about damn time for me to get my shit together.

Image by Rose

As for my body, I've lost weight because of this emotional "journey". Like, a ton. It was and still is the kind of pain that doesn't allow you to eat. I know it sounds stupid, but if you have experienced this (and if you did, I truly pray for you) you know that you're just phisically unable to put anything into your body but water. To be honest I really love the outcome, even though the process wasn't really healthy. I found confidence I never had before, I'm comfortable in my skin, finally love me naked

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sorry I had to, I thought it would be hilarious

And since it's December, the holidays are coming up. For the first time in my 18 years on this Earth, I will be spending Christmas in a wellness hotel, and we know how delicious food is at places like this. I really hope I can hold myself back from all the meat,french fries and desserts lol.

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And also, a couple of months ago I started to pay attention into drinking water. There's an app called Drink Water which calculates how much water you should drink based on your height and weight. I'm actually very proud to say that I always drink the given amount, it really affects me in all the good ways. It kinda cleared up my acne, helps me maintain my weight, and gives me energy.

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And last but not least, I'm really trying to become a better person. More kind, more confident, more strong, more happy, more fun to be around. I don't think that I'm a mood-killer or anything, I just think that I could be better. Better than I am now. So maybe my main goal would be this. To be better. Better than I was yesterday, and better than I am today, because my only competition is really me, and only me. I'm tired of holding myself back and being afraid of how things could turn out.

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In case I won't write more articles this year, have yourselves a merry little Christmas and a happy New Year, filled with all the things you pray for. Feel free to get in touch if you need to talk, or just want to have a chat about anything.


p.s at the end, it did have to do something with music, after the last article I should've known not to state things forward don't you think?