Hi guys! I decided to start this 2-part series and give you a bunch of ideas to try since the holidays are so close!
Without further ado, let's get into it! ❆

decorate your room/house

light, home, and christmas image christmas, christmas lights, and christmas tree image christmas, winter, and tree image christmas, white, and winter image

(learn to) bake

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watch holiday movies

christmas, winter, and home alone image christmas, winter, and home alone image breakfast, brunch, and christmas image christmas, hot cocoa, and seasonal image

listen to festive music

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learn some carols

christmas and jingle bells image bright, calm, and carol image cold, winter, and christmas image christmas, velas, and musica image

donate to the poor

Temporarily removed quotes image culture and people image dog, man, and poor image

be kinder

audrey hepburn, smile, and laugh image quotes, words, and kind image

decorate your Christmas tree

brown hair, christmas, and christmas tree image christmas, light, and winter image Image by ⋆ 𝒟 𝒶 𝒾 𝓃 𝓉 𝒾 𝓃 ℯ 𝓈 𝓈 ⋆ christmas, gift, and lights image

go to the Christmas market

holiday, christmas, and winter image christmas, winter, and snow image Birmingham, christmas, and church image winter, snow, and christmas image

buy gifts for your family/friends

christmas, gifts, and lights image gift, christmas, and present image gift, christmas, and holiday image christmas, present, and holiday image

spend time with your family/friends

Temporarily removed Image removed christmas, winter, and friends image winter, girl, and friends image

try Christmas makeup looks

christmas, make up, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and aesthetic image makeup image blonde, choker, and christmas image