There is beauty within you, that you cannot see, because you are not me.

You don’t see the look on your face when you can’t help a grin—you are just light. You don’t see the way your kinder than your years or the way you’re stronger than you tell; the secrets you carry are far too heavy. You can’t see how soft you look; your messy hair causes hearts to warm. You don’t see how hard working you are; your tired eyes still glisten in the light. You don’t even see how beautiful you truly are when your heart breaks for someone else’s pain.

There is beauty you don’t see because you’re not the one that views how you are—the beauty in every little small thing about you. You base your beauty on the reflection that has become dull from seeing it too many times. Anyone could love you for things that are not so simple as your physical looks. But the love we get from someone else is never enough. Their love alone isn’t enough to fill the hole we created from self-doubt.

And so, we need to learn to see the beauty in every little thing we are, day by day, so that one day we will love everything we call an imperfection, and that will be our perfection.

Michaslk Essy.

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