Touchy subject for me.Auch.

What is love?

Where do you find love?

How do you know it is love?

Love is a feeling, love is a place, love is a person, love is an object, love is music, love is everything you see or not.I see love everywhere i go, i love people, i love music, i love places, i love a lot of stuff and maybe i shouldn't.

Love is hurt.

Why do I say that? Because when you love you get attached and you know, people go and nothing is here forever so at one moment you will find yourself alone, in the dark thinking why and at that moment you will lose all your hope, but you need to remember this: you haven't lost everything, you are still here, you still have a body, you have the world to see and a lot lot people to meet.

Death is terrible, i know belive me, but this is part of love too, you need to let it go. You need to let people go because this is life, their destiny is known only by God and this is natural. Yes, you may cry but remember that this is it, their memories are always going to be with you and someday you will meet again.

You also get attached to people who are not going to do the same, it's their decision, you can't do anything about it.Some people, even the best ones, are the ones that have been hurt the most and this may be the reason why they act like this or simply they don't like you. This is the truth and you have nothing to do about it.

So my advice for you is to be happy and live the moment, trust yourself and love as much as you can, love everything you can but don't expect something in return.

Why not to expect something in return?

First of all, because that means your love is not true, when you love you just love and give love, you don't expect something.It's like giving a gift and expecting one back really quick.It doesn't work like that.

Second of all, because when you have expectations and people won't give it to you back, you will be hurt, you will suffer and you will feel really bad, like trash.

So keep it simple, give love and expect nothing in return. Love everything as much as you can and you will see the good in everything, belive me.