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After her speech, the princess dismissed everyone but me. Even most of the guard left, leaving only those at the doors. She sat at her throne and gestured for me to come closer.
-Nash, I do apologize. Surely you must think you have been wronged.
Surely , you don't talk like that all the time.
-It was not right of me to deceive you like that.
You are not the only one who is being deceitful.
-And I am sorry. It is of importance that no one knows I was outside the walls and I hope I can count on your discretion.
She looked at me so regally. In her eyes, there was no trace of the girl I met in the woods.
-Of course, princess. We all have our secrets.
I smirked trying to lighten the mood but she stayed dead serious.
-Well, I am glad we cleared that. You are free to go now.
And just like that, she scattered my every thought that she might be that simple, cheerful girl for real. That the lie was just the name, and she truly were a person I met in the woods.

Temporarily removed

After dismissing me, May left the throne room. Or maybe I should call her Alara now. Her Highness. Whatever. I haven't seen her in four days. Not that I counted. Ok, maybe I did. But only because she was my mission. I was supposed to get close to her. How am I supposed to do that when I've only seen her two times. It was strictly business and I was highly professional. I've worked with attractive women before. I'm not saying the princess is attractive. Maybe if I see her properly, not in the dark or surrounded with luxury... But her title is definitely a minus. I don't fall for court people. Anyway, I couldn't get her out of my head. But I couldn't do anything except sit and wait for her to come to me...
And then one day she came to the stables.

horse, girl, and water image

She was wearing high boots and riding pants and over that, she had light brown coat. Her hair was in a long braid topped with a brown hat. She looked rather ordinary, not like a princess. And she looked better like that than in those silly puffy dresses court ladies wore.
She was walking across the field with her entourage of guards. If it weren't for them, nobody could have guessed she was someone important. As she was coming closer they stayed behind, leaving us some privacy.
-Hello Nash.
-Your Highness.
I tried not to sound bitter, but I failed.
-How are you? I hope everyone is treating you well.
-I'm fine, thank you. And you, Your Highness? Any more trips outside the walls?
She looked at me a bit shocked. Was she really afraid I told someone? Was it that important?
-I'm sorry, I shouldn't joke about that.
-No, It's okay. It just.. I'm not supposed to go anywhere without any chaperone. But sometimes.. I just want to be left alone. So I sneak out in the woods dressed like a castle worker and just enjoy nature. Out there, I can be myself. Without constant remainder I have a reputation to keep and meetings to attend. Out there, I'm not a princess. I'm just..me. So I'm sorry if I confused you or anything. I didn't mean to lie, but I couldn't tell an unknown man in the middle of the woods I am crown princess. I hope you understand.

She was once again the girl from the woods who couldn't stop talking. She had that sparkle in her eyes and excitement in her voice. Oh, she was so confusing.
-So, who is May?
-It's me! I mean.. that's my middle name.
Right, I knew that.. Some spy I am..
-Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me, Alara May. Your Highness.
She smiled shyly. Some princess she is...
-Thank you. See, I actually didn't lie to you. I was born and raised in the castle. And my mother did live and die here...
-Yes, of course. I'm sorry for your loss, Your Highness.
I'm still getting used to her title.
-Oh I was long time ago.. But it still pains me. I miss her very much.
She went from ecstatic to mournful in a matter of seconds.
-I believe the fact that no one know what happened to her doesn't help..
The princess played with a bracelet on her left wrist absentmindedly.
-Yes... But I will find out. And someone will pay dearly.
Maybe she isn't cruel or cold, but she definitely doesn't forgive easily..

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