Hello there! I have been obsessed with writing lately, which is actually good, considering i have been on writer's blog for a while now. If you talk spanish you can check my Insta Blog account @soldeletras , i write about stuff that goes through my mind. And well, here just random articles! Enjoy♡

1) What´s your eye color?
I have brown eyes! One of my sisters has green eyes (which I love), and my other one has hazel eyes (which I also love). I like mine too, i just feel that they are too "basic".
2) What's your natural hair color?
Brown as well haha. I'm literally the most basic woman ever. But i have been dying it blonde since I was about 15 years old. I'm turning 20 in January, and i'll make a brown hair comeback; i'm excited!!

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3) Do you wear glasses?
Yeah, since I was about 6 haha. But it's funny because when I was about 10 they told me that I didn't needed them anymore (which I did lol). When I was 14 I started noticing that I couldn't actually see from afar, so here we are haha!
4) What's your favorite color?
Once again, basic woman: Pink haha. I prefer light pink, but the other tones don't bother me actually.

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5) Zodiac sign
Aquarius :) My birthday is on January 31st.
6) Do you have any siblings?
Yup! I have 2 sisters (like i mentioned before), one older & one younger. I'm the middle one of course hehe

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7) What's your favorite animal?
Dogs. It's funny because when I was little I HATED dogs, i couldn't pass near them & if i did i would end up crying. But I grew up i guess, and also went to the therapist because of that.
8) What's your favorite food?
Pastaa all the way. I sometimes get tired of it, but then I'm like nevermind and continue eating my mac & cheese, or spaghetti with tomato sauce.

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9) What languages do you speak?
Two: Spanish (my 1st one) and English (I have been speaking it since I was like 6 or 7 maybe)
10) Where do you want to travel?
Santorini, Greece. No doubt. I'll get there someday, i believe that.

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11) What traits do you look for in a person?
I recently read something that said: "I'm not sure anyone knows what they are looking for until they find it", and it's the most realest thing ever. Because I can't even actually say what exactly do i look for in someone. But sweeteness & humor are some things people around me have!
12) Have you ever been in love?
I'm going to say yes, because i had a boyfriend 2 years ago (lasted 9 months & he was my first one), but i'm pretty sure than when I meet someone new, someone better, I'll take it back and notice what love actually feels like.

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13) Are you single or in a relationship?
14) What are your favorite tv shows?
My all-time fave is Once Upon a Time, it already ended, cried like crazy. But what a beautiful ending gosh! I also love Jane the Virgin, last season begins in January & I don't think i'm ready but ok. I recently started watching Manifest, so good! But i have to get up to date, I have missed like 4 episodes lol.

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15) Do you have a job?
Nope, and sometimes I feel i'm the only human being that can't work and study at the same time. I know that working makes you practice and all that, but sometimes i hardly found time to study or re write my notes, if i worked at the moment it would be even worst! And i do organize myself haha. I guess it's not my priority for now.

16) What's your favorite season?
Spring! The weather is so nice, not cold but also not really hot. It's perfect!

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17) What's your favorite holiday?
Christmas, which is coming so so soon and I'm really excited! I'll be home for Christmas, nothing better than that!!
18) Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
Warm all the way. I hate the cold, i even prefer summer fashion than winter one (even tho I know for many people is the other way around lol)

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19) What inspires you?
WeHeartIt, for real haha. All the pictures, quotes, writing. It makes me happy to see everyone inspiring each other on here.
20) Do you wear perfume?
I wear more splashes than perfumes, most of my splashes being from Bath & Body Works (Dark Kiss, Japanese Cherry Blossom). But i do have a perfume i love, Nina by Nina Ricci.

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Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed♡


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