hey, guys so today I'm holding off on doing the next single review because LITTLE MIXES NEW ALBUM CAME OUT AND IM SO EXCITED SO let's GET THIS STARTED!
The Cover

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I love the way this looks its simple, shows high fashion, diversity and is in black and white. its different from any other album cover they've done. They defidently have matured.

Now time for the song reviews

1. The National Anthem (10/10)

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I love their harmonies and how this is an intro to the album. It really sets the mood for the whole album its empowering and sweet but right to the chase.

2. Woman like me ft. Nikki Minaj (10/10)

I already did a review to this so I'll link it below!

3. Think about us (9.5/10)

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This song is so different from anything we've heard from them I love how the song starts and how the music for the chorus is. I absolutely love Perries part before they harmonize. It's a good song to vibe to with your friends also I feel like we need a music video to this like last week. The reason I gave it a 9.5 is because there's no music video to this. Otherwise, this song could mean so many other things to different people and I like that.

4. Strip ft. Sharaya J (10/10)

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This song is so empowering I love how the song starts with no music and then starts to add a little music but doesn't completely add music until the chorus and from them on! They're talking about how they love themselves without makeup and how we should love ourselves just the way we are. My favorite part of this is the chorus!

5. Monster with me (9.5/10)

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I legit thought this would be a slower song than it is but I love it. It's a power ballad different from what we usually hear from them. Usually, its either a slow sad ballad or a happy go lucky song. This one is in the middle and its fun to listen to. It shows off their voices very well! I gave it a 9.5 because I couldn't connect with the song. It's still beautifully written and sung.

6. Joan of Arc (10/10)

I did a review for this already so I'll link it below I was most excited for this song on the album.

7. Love a girl right (10/10)

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I love how the song starts and it sounds like "Mr.Lover boy". I also love how Leigh starts the song she has such a good voice! It's amazing how its like they're talking to each other and the boy that broke the girl's heart.

8. American Boy (10/10)

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I love how this song has a reggae feel to it you usually don't get things like that from the girls. The song is written well and its fun to listen to this with your friends and to vibe to with them.

9. Told you so (100000/10)

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This is my favorite song off of the album I don't usually tear up when I listen to music that often and for this song, I busted into tears. Its beautiful and there vocals

10. Wasabi (9.5/10)

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I liked how this started but then I didn't really like the "prechorus" I didn't like how they added the electric guitar that's all. Otherwise, it was a good song!

11. More than words (Kamille) (10/10)

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I think this song is absolutely beautiful. Their harmonies are amazing and on point, Kamilles voice is such a beautiful match to theirs. I think that it's a good song to get in your feels while your listening to it. The video isn't the most amazing video it's very simple there's not much to it but that doesn't take away from the fact it was SUCH A GOOD SONG!

12. Motivate (9/10)

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This song is defidently not my favorite on the album. I like that you can dance to it and they sound truly amazing on the record Its just not for me and not all songs on an album will be for you!

13. Notice (9.5/10)

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I love this song I think its very Amy Winehouse esk and I love that. They sound absolutely beautiful in the song I just wish it wasn't about sex, there will always be one or two songs on an album that are like that though!

14 & 17. The Cure/ The Cure (stripped) (10000000000/10)

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The first time I heard this song I busted out crying I know it sounds like I'm a baby but it brought out some really vulnerable feelings in me. I finally understand a lot of things in my life and I'm going through a lot of changes right now and I guess this song really brought out those feelings in me. Then without music makes me even more sensitive and vulnerable I love this song a lot it holds a close place in my heart.

15. Forget you not (10/10)

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I love Perries part in this song and the vibe of the song overall I think that it's a good song to vibe with. I also think that the song is a song that you can sing to your crush or listen and think of them TBH.

16. Woman's world (unscorable)

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I think this song sends such a beautiful message because its true. These girls are speaking the very truth of this world in this song! Women are told all the time what they need to wear and how to act to be “proper” its beautifully written, everyone should hear this song and blast it loud and be proud to be a woman and fight to have your rights! I think that we need a video to this ASAP even if its a simple one of them just sitting in a room singing it.

18. Only you (cheat codes) (9.5/10)

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I love The way Perrie starts the song talking about Paris and the music went perfectly with the song. I'm happy that they did a song with Cheat Codes I think it was a really good match. The only thing I didn't like about this is the video. I think its just like every DJ music video I see the girls aren't even in it!.


Hi loves I hope you enjoyed this album review sorry it took so long ill be back soon with more. Tomorrow the 1975 album comes out and I'm going to hold off on reviewing that until I've listened to all of the music fully and i know how I feel about it! I will also be holding off on reviewing Thank u, next till the video comes out which needs to come out like last week! I love you all and Goodnight.

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