Hi guys! Evey here! I'm really sorry I haven't been posting as much lately, finals are around the corner and I have been stressing a lot with college. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Spending time with family and friends and eating a lot of good food lolz! I didn't do much besides work, homework, and pretty much sleeping. Anyways today I am going to talk about body positivity. After my Thanksgiving break, I have been recently working on my essay based on anorexia vs. bulimia and there I was conducting research and what is causing people (mostly on women) to be diagnosed with these effective eating disorders. The reason behind that is because of the media infecting people's mind their negativity based on body imagery and physical appearances. How? well for starters the media is everywhere such as in magazines, T.V advertisements, and social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Where is shown young female models with perfect body figures advertising a weight loss product and quote "Lose weight! You will be loved and adored!" Many of these young women feel guilty because they don't have perfect bodies and feel they should go on a strict diet, excessive exercising, or worse purging. These are one of the side effects of these eating disorders and for me, this is a self-harm towards your own body. The media is everywhere and it is something that we cannot control, however, it is better to avoid the negativity upon the media and see other positivity about body imagery. One of the best ways for women to stay healthy and maintain themselves with full care is creating a good habit, such as fun ways to exercise, yummy healthy foods, or find ways to make yourself beautiful naturally. Eating is no crime we have our days where we want to eat something sweet and it's okay just limit yourself and create a routine.No young women should not be ashamed about how they look or they are. Every body figure is beautiful whether you are skinny, thick, or chubby you are defined as beauty.