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hello! i decided to make a different article today. this is about all the jennie drama that has been going on lately. if you don't know what it is, are you living under a rock?

disclaimer: no, im not going to hate on her. i stan blackpink and jennie is my biggest bias wrecker. im also not going to be biased or defensive.

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her duality

recently jennie has been getting a lot of hate recently for her being lazy on stage. videos have been going viral of her not trying her best.

i will say that jennie has gotten lazier. anyone with a brain can see that. she does not have the same energy as she used to. i think she deserves constructive criticism. however, all this hate is really not necessary. you should be able to give criticism without hating on her.

i have also seen "blinks" hating on her and even some dropping her. that is stupid af.. if you really stanned blackpink, you would admit that she has gotten a bit lazy and GFTO! no need to hate her.

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also something that people seem to forget is that we don't know the idol. us fans will never know what is going on behind the scenes. she could be suffering from an illness whether physical or mental. and i think we all need to respect that.

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in the end, i think that everyone should not be hating on her. maybe try giving her constructive criticism. i think that after this huge blow-up jennie will try to be more energetic. (at least i hope so!)


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thank you for reading and remember to keep supporting blackpink!