just a space for me to share the small pieces of my day that make me smile, hope i can share and spread the happiness

november 29th: today during last period, i was listening to one of my current favorite songs, lemonboy by cavetown. when i finished the song i took out my earbuds and noticed a friend of a friend was singing the song from across the room. i was confused at first, but soon realized it was a complete coincidence. after class we talked about what a good song it was, and it made me happy since i rarely find people in school with a similar music taste. i also got a good score on my writing test, meaning i made honors english for next year and my pacsun order arrived in the mail

december 9th: today i went to a little christmas party in the morning which completely drained me, so i was happy to spend the next few hours reading once i got home. i finished my new favorite book, heartless by marissa meyers. for all the hopeless romantics like me, it's a must read. an unfortunate ending, but still an amazing story.