Hey! Another 50 question tag because I was bored... again. Enjoy!

1. Are you named after anyone?

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Yes, my grandmother.

2. When was the last time you cried?

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- Probably 5 minutes ago. I'm emotional ok!

3. Do you have kids? If no, how many do you want?
- No, I don't and I'm not sure if I want kids.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
- Of course... duh! Mostly because I need friends... yeah...

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

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It's my mother tongue.

6. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

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It's going to sound weird but their look... like how they respond to their surroundings. I don't know how and why but it's like I have a sixth sence and I instantly know what kind of people they are.

7. What is your eye color?

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It's a weird blueish green colour.

8. Scary movie or happy endings?

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I hate scary movies so happy endings although they're boring sometimes.

9. Favorite smells?

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Chocolate, vanilla, lemon and the ocean.

10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

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Instanbul, Turkey.

11. Do you have any special talents?
Annoying people. Does that count?

12. Where were you born?

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In Greece.

13. What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in it?

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Pisces and I wouldn't say I believe in it but it's definitely fun to read about it.

14. What are your hobbies?

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They include drawing, painting, playing the piano and daydreaming... like all day long!

15. Do you have any pets?

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No :( and I really really really really really want one!

16. Do you have any siblings?
- Nope.

17. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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A good human.

18. Who was your first best friend?
- My best friend now since 8th grade.

19. How tall are you?
- I'm 1.75 m. I think that's about 5'9 in feet.

20. What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
- I get very exhausted, very quickly.

21. Funniest moment throughout School?
- So school desks in Greece have 2 seats and for about 4 years I was sitting with my bestie so probably the countless times that we tried to pick stuff off the ground and we smashed our heads together EVERY claps SINGLE claps TIME claps!

22. How many countries have you visited?

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2 Turkey and Bulgaria.

23. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

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Favourite was History, worst everything else.

24. What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?

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Drink coffee and lemonade, animal if I have to choose then chameleon and perfume at the moment victoria's secret coconut pasion.

25. What would you (or have you) name your children?
- No idea.

26. What Sports do you play/Have you played?

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Basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and I know it's not consederred a sport but it is definitely athletically chalenging, ballet.

27. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

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The sister squad (yes all of them), Kesley Simone, Lilia Kazakova and Conan Gray.

28. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?
- Next question!

29. Favorite memory from childhood?
- It's weird I can't think of one.

30. How would you describe your fashion sense?
- I would say psychedelic with rock elements. In other words it doesn't make sense.

31. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
- Android.

32. Tell us one of your bad habits!

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That sums it up.

33. 3 things that upset you?
- Rude people, closed minded people and violence.

34. 3 things that make you happy?
- Nice people, open minded people and kindness.

35. How is your relationship with parrents?
- It's good. Better with my mum though.

36. What’s on your mind?
- Sorry what? I got lost for a sec.

37. What’s your talent?

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I'm good at drawing.

38. One word that describes you?

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39. What’s your favorite quotes?

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And of course...
luke hemmings and 5sos image

40. Any pets?
- This is honestly like a stab in the heart.

41. What is the farthest you’ve been from home?
- Go back to question 10.

42. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
- I'm an ambivert.

43. Are you left or right handed?
- I belong in the approximately 70% of people who are right handed.

44. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
- On Sundays maybe.

45. Does your name have a special meaning?
- Yup, it means the one who runs the world by flying. I know I know it's f***ing weird but that's the t sis. (not artemish the real one)

46. If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?
- A cake or maybe ... 10!

47. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
- In Greece believe it or not.

48. What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

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49. What’s your favourite gadget?
- Me phone.

50. What’s your longest relationship so far?

Ok that's it for this one! I hope you liked it and have a f***ing awesome week! See ya <3