it's christmas! and winter is right around the corner, so it's time to check what i did this fall from my bucket list.

1.crave a pumpkin

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
unfortunatly i completly forgot to crave one, ups

x 2. try pumpkin spice latte x

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finally tried it! it's good but i thought it would be way better. it doesnt live for the hype

x 3. go to a halloween party and get a costume x

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actually went to two halloween parties wow. i dressed up as pennywise and as a devil

x 4. watch movies/tv shows that are related to this season x

Halloween, fall, and autumn image
of course i watched! some of them include the nigtmare before christmas, the chilling adventures of sabrina, hocus pocus, and over the garden wall

5. get more candles

autumn, fall, and candle image
i'm actually shook that i didn't buy any new candles this season

x 6. shop for warm clothes x

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yes! i shoped for some more comfy clothes that i can't stop wearing

7. chill out

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well i didn't really chill out because of one thing: university

and that's it! this was just a quick post to update my whi since i have been so busy. hope you liked it!

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