It's obvious that after 12 years of being my best friend. This friendship is coming to an end. For me, this is hard, maybe one of the hardest things i've ever done. Even though lately you've been treating me as if those 12 years didn't matter to you, i still believe you deserve this goodbye from me.

You have gotten me through my worst, and without your help, I don't know what would've happened. You protected me from the fire when i was most vulnerable to it. You held me up, while all i wanted to do was fall. You did that, not my family, not my other friends, you. I don't even know if I ever thanked you for it. Thank you. Thank you so much, and I am sorry. Sorry for not always being nice to you, showing you how much you mean to me. For sometimes making you feel like you weren't good enough, but you always was. You was everything, you are everything. That's why I'm saying goodbye. You are better of without me. It's finally your turn to be happy, and you can't be happy with me in your life. My jealousy, and my anger destroys what makes you happy. My needs destroys your relationship, and you out of everyone doesn't deserve that. Believe me when i say i tried, i tried so hard to be friends with him, but it wasn't a match. Me and your boyfriend are way to different for that to workout. That's why i choose to let you go, so you didn't have to choose between him and me. This is hard, painfully hard, but I'm doing it for you. You deserve that happiness i never gave you.

Forgive me. When you pop out of your infatuation bubble and you realise that I am gone. Right now I am angry, and sad. I want you to be happy, but I am angry that you threw me away to get that happiness with him. I left out of anger, but with your best interest in mind. This was an awful decision to make. I am sorry if me leaving was the wrong thing to do, but i needed to let you go. I don't know if i will be there to welcome you back. Maybe i won't need to. Maybe your new friends will support you. Either way, we both agreed that my present wasn't accepted anymore.

Forgive me. I am sorry, truly am sorry. I love you and wish you everything good. Goodbye
From me