Dealing with mental illness teaches you to appreciate the moments of serenity, those moments where you are just happy.

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Sometimes we feel guilty enjoying those moments, cause we were sad and it wouldn't be right to be happy now just because, or we are scared for whatever reason... learn to enjoy those moments! It's more than ok to have a hype, it's amazing.

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You need to learn to appreciate those moments and don't feel guilty about them; also, they don't have to last an entire day or you don't have to wake up feeling good. It can last only an hour or two, one minute or two, it doesn't matter. Enjoy those moments to their fullest!

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You don't know when you're gonna be like that can be a day, a week, a month till have to learn how to live cause that's what life is about, you can't just exist. And living it's not being constantly happy. Living it's being heartbroken and learning from it, writing poetry about the heartbreak, living is about people breaking your trust and you learning to choose more wisely next time, living is about falling in love with a guy or a girl and learning that it's actually more important to love yourself first, and so on.

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So live, and love yourself!