Let's cuddle. Just a little bit.
A little bit for a long time. 'Cause I feel peace in your arms, I feel so warm and safe.
I need to hug you, to kiss you. So bad.
It's a strange feeling that appears when I'm with you.
It turns more strange when I'm not with you.
I've been alone for a long time, I know how loneliness feels and I know being alone.
I can be alone. It's hard, but I can. At least I think so.
It would be more difficult now that I have true friends and a boyfriend.
Am I forgetting how to be alone?
I will never forget how it feels. Never ever.
But can someone forget how to be alone?
What if I do forget it?
Then, if I ever be alone again, how am I suppossed to feel?
How would it feel if I forgot how to have it under control? Did I ever had it under control?
I'm happy now. Like, I really feel happy with my life.
But what if I'm not happy in the future and I end up alone again?
What if I don't have friends anymore? No friends.
No boyfriend.
What if...

Shut up and come cuddle with me. Come kiss me.

What I was thinking about?
What I was worrying about?
I have you now.
I love you.

Let's cuddle.