So it's come to my attention that there are a LOT of great female artists out there that most people just don't know about because they're not well known or heard of. Their music is great but it just isn't played on the radio. So without further ado, I shall endeavor to broaden your musical horizons ;)

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Ellise. This artist is really amazing. A lot of her music is a cross between pop and indie with maybe a bit of alternative mixed in. My favorites of hers are Love Made Me Do It, Nightmares, & Pinky Promise.
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Sasha Sloan. Definitely one of my favorite artists, she has some really good music - most of it being pop but underground enough so that not a lot of people have heard of her. My personal favorites are Faking It, Runaway, Older, & Again.
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LEON. I love nearly all of her songs so it's hard for me to pick a favorite lol. I'd describe her music as half slow pop and half alternative. There are so many good songs by her though - I Believe in Us, Falling, Baby Don't Talk, & Tired of Talking.
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Chelsea Cutler. By far, one of my absolute favorites, I get so excited when I hear any new music by her! Her music is very underground pop with a hint of alternative thrown in for flavor. She has so many good ones I've had on repeat for the past couple of years - Your Shirt, You're Not Missing Me, Evil, Mess, Someone Else, Water on the Bridge, & Cold Showers.
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Lennon Stella. This girl puts out a great song with every new release, no lie. I really don't know why in the world the radio won't play her music constantly because it's just that good - pop mixed with alternative. So many good songs by her, I can hardly count them all - La Di Da, Feelings, Bad, Breakaway, & Fortress.
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Astrid S. Incredible, amazing songs that get better and better every time you hear them. The music is very much a cross between pop and alternative but it's worth the listen! She has such great ones like Such a Boy, Does She Know, Think Before I Talk, & Emotion.
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Dagny. Such amazing music honestly. I'd describe her music as alternative with a slight hint of indie and pop. I love so many by her - Used To You, That Feeling When, & Love You Like That.
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Ava Max. I just found her not too long ago but I love love love her music. Again, I'd describe it as underground pop with a hint of alternative. But it's really worth the listen, her best are Sweet but Pyscho, My Way, & Not Your Barbie Girl.
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Sigrid. Big fan of this girl, she has such amazing songs. Her music is indie/alternative for the most part. My favorites from her are Strangers, Plot Twist, Sucker Punch, & I Don't Want To Know.
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Lissie. One of my top favorite artists by far, her music is very alternative and reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and some of Stevie Nicks' solo projects. Her music definitely helped me through some rough times and I still love to go back and listen to them. So many favorites by her - In Sleep, Further Away (Romance Police), Together or Apart, Hero, Somewhere, They All Want You, Don't You Give Up On Me, & Sun Keeps Risin'.
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Maggie Lindemann. Her music is pop but not as well-known as say the Top 40 mix played on the radio. She has such a great voice though and amazing songs like Human, Would I, Obsessed, & Pretty Girl.
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Nina Nesbitt. She's not just Ed Sheeran's ex but also an incredible singer in her own right. Her music tends to be more indie but she has amazing songs like Desperate (feat. Jonas Blue), Loyal to Me, The Best You Had, Chewing Gum, & Somebody Special.
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CYN. Amazing alternative/indie artist, she has great songs that are so catchy, they'll get stuck in your head (in the good way! XD). My favorites are I'll Still Have Me, Only With You, & Believer.
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Leah Nobel. An incredible and super obscure indie artist, she has such amazing songs like Not Ready to Say Goodbye, Steps, & Slow Burn.
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Olivia O'Brien. This is one amazing pop artist that needs way more recognition. Some of you may know her from the song she did with gnash but other than that, she seems not to be that well known. So many good ones to choose from her though - Trust Issues, Empty, RIP, I Don't Exist, & udk.
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Kate Walsh. An amazing indie artist that I've been listening to since I was a child. A lot of her music was once featured in the movie, Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging, way back in 2008 or so. My favorites are Your Song, Bury My Head, Fireworks, & Tonight.
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Faouzia. This girl has such amazing pop/alternative music, I'm surprised no one's ever found her before. There are so many good ones to choose from - This Mountain, Knock On My Door, & My Heart's Grave to name a few.
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Elena Tonra, known professionally as Daughter. Such an incredible indie artist, her music is phenomenal. My favorites from her are Medicine, Still, & Smother.
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Best Coast. One of my favorite (and female apart from the instrumentalist, Bobb) indie bands by far, their songs are so incredible! My favorites are Boyfriend, No One Like You, & How They Want Me To Be.
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Anna Clendening. A wonderful singer, she has such great songs. Her music is mostly alternative with a hint of pop. My personal favorites would have to be Boys Like You & Invisible.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope y'all enjoyed my list! And hopefully I found you some new artists to listen to that you didn't know of before :)