As we're waiting for the first snowflake to fall it's getting colder outside and the air tickles our skin. It's is time for a whole new warm and cozy winter look!

Red Coats

A coat isn't probably the first thing you think about when you think about your outfit, but when it is winter you cannot go without one. And this year the red coats are totally in. They look elegant and bold and should definitely be in your winter wardrobe.

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From jeans to skirts to jackets. As it comes to leather it doesn't matter. It doesn't even need to be black. A butterscotch colored leather skirt will be great for the winter.

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Fake fur

A natural choice for your winter wardrobe is fake fur. Because of the fluffy material and the soft outlines it is the perfect item for cold days.

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And of course Layering

Layering forms a big part in the upcoming winter. There are endless possibilities and endless items you can combine.

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Thanks for reading my second article. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Feel free to let me know what you thought about it and what my next article should be about.
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