Let's be honest, we've all been there. At some point in our lives, we have all faced one of these mega awkward situations where we just wanna run away or bury ourselves so others can't see us. Being it from saying or doing something we should not have from being caught in the middle of a conversation we didn't want. And we thought we would never get over it.

Like all of you, it happened to me too, so, I'm sharing with you some tips to get over these feelings, that I actually wish I had found earlier. Hope they work for you guys!

First of all, remember, that no one is perfect and things like this happen to everyone. When something happens to you, you are much more self-conscious and might end up thinking everyone around you saw and is looking/judging you, In most cases, that's not true. Most people didn't even realize what happened and those who saw/realized in most cases forget about it quickly, if they were not directly involved.

But just to make you feel better, these are the tips to get over that situation that's been buging your mind for too long:

1- Try to get out of the situation.

If it is something you can avoid, try to do it, Here are some examples of how to do it:

  • For example, if a conversation is turning in an awkward direction. Make an excuse to pretend you were not listening.
  • Try to bring the focus to other aspects of what's going on. But do not make a big of an effort, or it will end up more awkward

. 2- Confront the moment

I know when something awkward happens, we just wanna run, but, doing so, only makes the situation worst. Make a joke or something that makes other see you are not uncomfortable about the situation. By showing the others you are not uncomfortable everyone will feel less awkward and forget about the situation faster

Relax and use body language

Take a deep breath. If it is something others might have not have noticed, make it look like it never happened. Act confident, Your body language will show to others that you are not affected by the situation and if they did not notice they won't suspect a thing, or in case someone saw, they will forget about it much easier.

3- Apologize, but not in excess

If it is something you can't run from, apologize. But do not over-apologize! That will make the other person even more uncomfortable and neither of you will get past the moment. Also, remember, some awkward situations are not your fault, so apologize only when you really should, like in case you forgot someone's name,

4- Focus on the context of the memory

This one is gold for me. When you remember the situation, you usually remember what you did and what happened. These memories bring back negative emotions and make you even more obsessed about it. Instead, try to focus on the non-emotional details. Small things like:

  • What colour was your shirt?
  • How was the weather outside?
  • Where did it happen?

It helps you do disassociate the memory with the negative aspects and thus, makes you forget about it faster,

5 - Talk to someone

Talking with someone about what happened might actually make you feel less awkward. Share your feels. Keeping things to yourself might increase the feelings of shame. While talking with someone, you might see a different point of the situation and you both end up laughing at what happened.

6- Try to look at the other person point of view

Let's pretend you are awkward because you did something that someone might have interpreted in a certain way, You can always confront the person about it. Or you can just ask yourself: "why do I think the person would think like that?" And try to find a logical reason. If you can't find one, probably the other person didn't think about it too. And probably they're not thinking about it anymore. so no reason to worry about it!

This one might seem confusing, I know, but it does work, really!

Well, that was it. Hope this was helpfull, and as usually, I'm going to leave some links with more information and tips, Thanks for reading!