One hand in the air, the other caressing the curves of her body in slow and fluid motions. Hips moving from right to left enchanting the sight. Her heart beating fast harmonizing with the beats of the sweet melody. Lights tracing her face not interrupting the peaceful state in which her whole being is immersed. With eyes closed, that shelter her from the outside world, she was dancing, giving into the freedom she so desperately needs to feel.

No longer trapped in the world that she calls her own, no more people trying to tell her what to do, no restrictions, no judgement, just a moment in which she was free.

Listening to the songs that were playing one after another, she was dancing, not caring about the prying eyes that were following her every move. All they could see is a girl with no care in the world, a girl celebrating her freedom another night after so many but she was so much more than that.

She left all the worries at home, all the sadness and sorrow. She got rid of the world that was on her shoulders just for tonight.

Only one night, one night to breath the fresh air this town has to offer, she needed this night to feel different and in the crowded club that has become her refuge, despite the loud music invading her senses, she feels peaceful after so long.

Guiding her body to every note of the melodies she gives into the night, knowing that the rising sun will disperse her illusion and along with it her peace and freedom.

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