Hello guys,
This will be my first article! :) im pretty exited!

So thats why i thought i would do the 30 days writing challange so you can get to know me a little ;)

explain the meaning of your name

my name is Jeana in my country (The Netherlands) they have no idea how to pronounce my name, it is actaully a simple name because the way you pronounce my name is a normal name as a dutch girl. but they do write it as "gina" here.

Also do i have the names: Edith and Marius.

how did my parents come to my name?

  • My dad made up my name,

there was a duck in the movie pinokkio that duck is called Gina,
but the name Gina is a name that is widely used in the Netherlands so he didnt like that he wanted something special.
He found out that there was a similar name that is pronounced the same but you write it diffrent, and he liked that!

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.My second name Edith, i got from my mother.

Her mom (my grandma) past away when my mom was 18 so i never saw my grandma, my moms wished to name her first daughter the first name from my grandma. so that was me!

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  • My third name Maruis i got from my dad too.

our last name is actaully not our last name my dad just found out a couple years ago who his father is we got the name of the father from my uncle and aunt.
He wanted something that stands as his own family.
So he got me and my to siblings the name Marius.

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thanks for reading my first article i really enjoyed writing it!
tomorrow i will be doing day 2 of the writing challange!

if you enjoyed this article and you want to try it too, this is one link to the challange and a link too my insp of the first day!