one day someone will love me.
One day someone will love me how I expected you'd love me.
And he won't think I'm asking for to much.
Actually, he will love me much more than I deserve.
And he will know I am worthy. So much worth it and more than enough.
And I'll complete him and he'll complete me.
One day I'll find someone who can't spend hours mad at me, and he will be willing to listen and solve our problems and fix each other broken parts.
And he will be mercyful, because we, together, would've learn that love means forgiveness.
One day I'll find someone who will love me for who I am and he will be so in love with the woman I strive to be as much as I do.
And I won't need to be begging him to stay, or begging for his attention, I won't need explanations or excuses, because he'll be faithful and honest.
Someday someone out there will see in me everything that I don't.
He'll know everything that I have to offer and all the love that I'm willing to pour out of my heart into his soul.
And he'll feel lucky to have me.
And I will know we both are lucky to have each other.
Someday I'll remember how I thought you were the one for me, and how things didn't work out for the both of us.
And I will find in him what I loved about you, and even more.
And it'll be like having you, but in the best case scenario, greater and more beautiful that it could've ever imagine.
And that's how you would came back to me.