Hey everybody!
How was your day today? Mine was pretty boring, then all of the sudden became too busy.

Write about three projects for the next month

  • Create more routines
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I've already had a morning routine, and this month I'm trying to create a skin care routine and a nighttime one too. Because at night time, I want to have a little more space and time for myself.
  • Destress more
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I focus a lot on school stuff, and not much about myself and relaxation. I'm trying to do that more in December, with going out with friends and things like that.
  • Spend time with family
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Unfortunately, I spend too little time with family because I always have a bunch of things to do. This December I'll spend the majority of the time with my family.

That was all for today. I hope you all enjoyed it,
I'll write my next post tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,