There comes the Ho-ho-ho-holidays and the ho-ho-ho-horrible thing called "exam period" or the finals, it doesn't really matter how do you call it. But we all hate it, this is a #fact.
Well, I know this time of the year can be amazing, but for some of us (like in my country) winter time is when exams are coming at the uni.
You are struggling with the same? I feel you... and I'd like to share some tips with you to survive exams, and pass all of them!
Obviously, these are my own experiences, so maybe they doesn't work for everyone, but let's give it a try!

So, first of all...

Make a schedule, and try to stick to it!

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You can't learn everything in ode single day (unless you are bionic), and you know it. Make a daily planner, write down every task you should do that day, and add a duration to it, I mean, how much time do you want to spend doing it, like a "daily due date". It will help you to focus more on the topic and do more things the same day.
I usually learn the main text in the morning hours, and do sketches and diagrams at the afternoon.
It's been proven: you can't do the same thing for hours and hours, so let's change the study methods for the topic. You can write a summary after every chapter: you'll still be studying, but in a different way.


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It works really, really well for me, I learned all the biochemistry formules and anatomy definitions and muscles by this method (the picture is mine, btw, lol). This helps you to memorize faster and truly associate the definition with the word or drawing, so you'll avoid to learn them in the order they were written in the book.

Don't highlight that much

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As you can see in the picture, I highlighted only a few words and steps. Why? Because your brain will focus more on the "different" looking part, this gets your attention by it's colour. But what if everything is yellow? (Or green, or blue... Well, you get it :'D ) Your brain will ignore the colour and took it as if there weren't highlighter at all.

Write your own resumes by hand

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They say if you write something by hand, it will stick in your memory more effectively than if you type it on a laptop. It may take more time, but you'll learn it easier. If you can, draw things related to the topics, and make sure you can explain them later!

Take your time to relax

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I know, exams are coming, but your brain needs to chill sometimes, and so does the rest of your body. Take a short nap, go for a walk, do anything that makes you to release the stress. But make sure you won't do that all day long! If you say "I will chill for an hour" THEN STICK TO THAT HOUR and no more than that. Discipline is the key...
I use to study for about 4 hours before lunch, then I chill an hour or two during and after eating. Then I study again for hours until dinner, and then, I relax until next morning.


GUYS! You won't be able to focus if you don't sleep, your brain would be so damn tired, that no amount of coffee will be enough to make you learn anything. Please, sleep, don't make yourself suffer. Also, make sure you sleep at least 7 hours before the exam. The next morning you'll be refreshed and you'll remember so much more information!

Good luck, my friends. I'm with you, let's ace the finals, win the exam period! We didn't came this far to be only this far!