Hello everyone, today I decided to write about things that I'm obsessed and totally in love with. I like everything from drinks to clothes. Without any further ado let's start.

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Coffee is my favorite drink of all times. I drink it everyday.
New clothes
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Recently I've been buying a lot of new clothes.The biggest problem is that I still think that I have nothing to wear.
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I'm obsessed with lipsticks the most. I have really big collection of them and I care for them so much lol.
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I always loved fruits but lately I've been enjoying it even more. My favorites are bananas, kiwi and oranges.
Çarpisma (The crash)
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Çarpisma is new turkish tv show. There is only one episode out and it has subtitles, tonight episode two will be out. Some of the best turkish actors are in this series.
Nail polish
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This is also a big obsession for me and I think that I have every possible color in my collection.
Turkish music
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I don't know so many turkish singers. I find a song that I like in shows. Their music is so beautiful.
My phone
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I got a new phone like month ago. My boyfriend surprised me with it. i was really happy and thankful for it. It's my favorite present ever.

That are all things I'm obsessed with. I really love everything on this list. I hope that you like this article and see you soon with new one.
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