Nobody can really describe what kind of relationship we were.
We were complicated and easy, but also loved and hated. Nobody understood what had been between us. It was something special that you only get once in your life.
You were my special time.
But our time is over now. We do not remember the days we spent together. We do not remember the conversations we had.

I forget more and more every minute what you looked like . But I will never forget what you looked like in my heart. I still feel your face in my hands, your hair between my fingers and your warm hands on my back. I miss your arms around me. It's so cold without them. Every second I fall deeper into a black hole without them. I need your light to find a way out of sadness.
Tears run down my face while writing this text, and you'll never see it, you'll never read it. And you may never hear about it. Just as I will never hear a word from you again.

We're done. There's no "we" anymore. It doesn't exist anymore. Our farewell was gradual, I didn't notice it at first. But now it's over. Without a real farewell. You moved on and I'm left behind. I miss you, but you'll never hear that, and I know that. It hurts.
It hurts knowing he's here but not with me.
You can't stand by my side, I understand, but it's damn hard to accept that.
Accept losing my soulmate. To let him go, while knowing we're still connected. I will always feel the pain of losing him every day. It never stops and I will never give up.
I want him to come back. One last time to feel myself in his arms. To feel safe. One last time to look into his wonderful eyes. I would do anything to turn back time.
I would do anything for him.