We need to talk about fake friends.

Fake friends is horrible, maybe because it hurts as much as a breakup or even worse, or how stupid you feel about not realizing it sooner.

But you should not feel stupid, because it can be super hard to point out fake friends.

You need to remind yourself it's okay to be sad and it's okay to cry, but don't waste your time trying to get them back, because they are not worth your time.

I've experienced this myself, and i first realized my friends were fake after 2 years. So i know the miserable feeling that you might feel, but don't worry it will change at some point, and you will find some friends that is true and loyal to you.

But until then i will give you 5 signs your friends might be fake or toxic.

1) You only hear from them when they need something
Example: "Hey it's been a long time since we talked last, but the thing
is i'm moving, and i need some help slining boxes"
Cute, right? This sign is more common than you might think. That they
only contact you, when they need your help. This means that they
might have stampeld you as "the helper", "the fixer" and so on.

2) Seems embarrased around you.
If your friend shows signs of embarrasment around you, and tells you
to change, then it's time to let go of that friendship. Your friends
shouldn't ask you to change for their needs, and they should definitely
not be embarrased around you.

3) Competition between you
If you feel like your friend is always trying to be better than you, or
trying to overshine you, then you might think this friendship through.
Friends shouldn't see eachother as competitors, they should hype
eachother up and stick togheter.

4) Your feelings = chaos
If you tell your friend about how you feel about something they might
have done, and they get defensive and losing their sh*t at you, then
they are not worth keeping in your life. Friends should be supportive
and understanding when you confront them.

5) Emotional rollercoaster
If your friend always finds a way to connect their bad emotions to you,
they are definitly not worth it! People blaming the course to their
feelings on you, can be exhausting and hurtful.Because in the end you
might start to believe that you are the problem, and you will start to
change and make up for something that's not your fault. So let them

Please don't think i recommend that leaving your friend without talking with them first, is the right thing to do. Try to take a talk with them about how you feel, and if nothing changes after there, then it is time to move on.