I can't believe it's almost December past few months seemed like one to me. I am sure that all of us have these few weeks in a year when we take a lot of tests and have essays to do. So I decided to give you an honest sort of guide of how to survive these weeks.

Have a timetable

Have your week assignments, death lines and tests written down in a planer or journal so you'll know what you need to do each day.

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Choose what is more important

If you have a lot of exams coming up and you do not have time it's time to decide what is more important subject. I am sorry but it is how it is. If you feel like you cannot handle it anymore than choose. It will get better eventually I promise.

Take a study breaks

Function of your brain will not increase if you are studying for three hours straight! Take a break. Perhaps have a meal, watch some video, read a book or meditate for a minute or two.

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fun fact: I am writing this article while I am on my study break!

Try to procrastinate as less as possible

You'll be surprised how much of the time you'll have!

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Be prepared! You won't get enough of sleep

My sleep deficit is huge! Your will be or is probably as well. Keep your head high and fight this problem. You can get your energy from sweets, fruits, or coffee. Good luck!

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Work hard, be smart

If you plan your day smartly you'll work hard as well but you'll study effectively!

Appreciate free time

There is nothing as good as free time after long week. The best part of the day is when you have everything done and you are finally free.

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Well...good luck I guess

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