Hey hearters! We're back again with our spotlight series where we introduce you to users on We Heart It that inspire us daily. This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Australian Fashion Blogger turned Sustainable Fashion Designer, Aicha otherwise known as The Fashion Heist. Aicha gave us an inside look at her journey, launching her clothing brand and let us in on her top 3 tips for being confident and accomplishing your goals. Trust us, you're not going to want to miss this one!

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Q: Please introduce yourself and provide a little background for our readers.

I'm a Australian fashion stylist, designer and fashion blogger. I started my blog The Fashion Heist about 4 years ago and then soon after I created a sustainable fashion label The Great Beyond with my partner Nick Azar.


Q: What was your inspiration behind creating your label, The Great Beyond?

Nick and I wanted to create beautiful everyday basics for women with a environmental twist. We both love fashion and saw room in the Australian market for a fashion forward sustainable womenswear range.

Q: Sustainable fashion is so important and luckily sustainability seems to be a growing trend within society. Has deciding to go the sustainable route proved to be challenging when designing? If so please describe these challenges and how you’ve been able to overcome them.

It is quite challenging at times because you have to consider every detail. For example most brands can go get the fabric say polyester from anywhere. But since our fabrics are made from bamboo - every meter of fabric has to be made especially for us. But this experience has helped me learn so much about the people behind each piece of fabric, button and tag you put on your garment. There's so much work and love that goes into making clothes - it's such a rewarding experience.

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Q: How do you practice sustainability in your own life? Please give our readers a few tips they can incorporate into their daily routines!

Well incorporated into our brand is a plant based lifestyle as we are both vegan. These are a few handy tips that keep sustainability in my daily routine

1. Supporting local foods & fashion.

Even if it's just googling local designers from your country and ordering from them or even going to the market once a month - you'll become so much aware of your impact on the world.

2. Supporting cruelty free & vegan beauty products

This is surprisingly easy to do - there is such a wide range of beauty brands such as Hourglass, Urban Decay, Kat Von D Beauty and Elf! Even just going to your local pharmacist you'll probably find some local beauty brands to support too.

3. Going to a place you've never been in your hometown

Getting to know your hometown can be the most exciting experience - there is so much knowledge and community out there. You just have to go out and embrace it!

Q: It’s common for people to experience periods of time where they find themselves stuck in a creative rut. Have you experienced this? If so, do you have any tips for getting unstuck?

Yes - this happens for sure. Since everything I do is personally motivated and my house is my office - it can become a tad hard at times. I find these tips to help me the most.

1. Setting daily goals

Write them down on a note pad on your desk - try to start off with three and once those three are completed add another three.

2. Creating a routine that suits you

Find the hours that work best for you and work around that. My schedule is quite erratic so I have to keep my routine quite adaptive.

3. Remember to schedule in fun with friends and family

This is the most rewarding thing you can do not only for motivation but for yourself. It will keep your feet on the ground and keep your social life alive!

4. Talk to other creatives like yourself

You'll feel fully inspired after talking to another creative. It's a great way to keep your wheels rolling and could lead into other creative ventures.

5. Remember to take time off

I feel like the last one is so important - because most freelancers or creatives keep pushing themselves constantly. So much so we forget to unwind and recharge. When you don't do that you overwork yourself and you get stuck in rut. It's not longer enjoyable - so make sure to take schedule time in for yourself. If you do this you will most likely eliminate those creative ruts.

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Q: What inspires you the most?

People and Nature - it's something you see daily. Whether it be on the internet or in real life - there is constant inspiration everywhere.

Q: Taking the leap and creating your own clothing line takes a lot of bravery. Have you always had the confidence this requires or is it something you’ve acquired overtime? Any tips for boosting self-confidence?

Doing your own thing can be quite daunting but at the same time it's so freeing! You just have to take the leap and put faith in yourself. My top three tips for self-confidence is

1. Don't compare yourself to others.

2. Appreciate how far you've come - no matter how small the accomplishment.

3. Don't overthink it - you can be your own worst enemy when you over analyze issues. Learn to ignore that nagging voice and keep moving forward.

Q: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment in your young career? What was key in helping you make this accomplishment?

I have a three big accomplishments I feel creating The Great Beyond with my partner, being Styling Manager two years running at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane and my in the Toyota's 2018 Bold Moves Australian campaign. It's kind of surreal to think I have done this but I am so thankful for it. A huge key component to this was perseverance - because good things take time. Success is never instant although people can perceive some successes that way - it's never the case.

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Q: Being a young female entrepreneur with a large platform, you serve as a great role model to many. Is there any last piece of advice you’d like to leave our readers with today?

There's always room in the universe for you to do what you wish. Remember that there is no idea too big or small that you can achieve - with a universe this vast and so many people to inspire. The opportunities are endless.

Q: You’ve been an active member on We Heart It for many years now. We’d love to know why you love the platform and how its impacted your life/business over the years.

We Heart It has always been a home base for me. From high school I've shared images that inspired me and I still do today. It's such a loving and welcoming community with so many amazing We Hearter's! I've even made friends with a few. In regards to my business - it's really helped me grow online and showcase what I have to offer to the world of fashion. I'm so glad to be apart of this amazing family.