hello friends guess who's back
I hope you're all well and im guessing you read the title but heres music to listen to at 3AM part two, hope you like it :)

1.Trench - twenty one pilots
I don't even know what to say
I'm not even going to recommend a song, just go listen to the whole album!!
its a masterpiece and I think My Blood might be one of my favorite top songs of all time

2. Sunset season - Conan Gray
His EP just got released and I love it!
I think my personal favorite is greek god, that is such a bop!!. (also if you want you should check out his yt channel, you won't be disappointed I promise)

3. Thank you for today - Death Cab for Cutie
I just started listening to them a few months ago and wow I wish I would've given them a go earlier. They're amazing!! I really love You moved away from this one
The chord progression is great and there is a certain feeling attached to it that I love

4. Greatest hits - Queen
I've always liked queen, but after seeing Bohamian Rhapsody (great movie btw, I really loved the last like 40 minutes) I have become a bit obsessed.

5. Nina cried power - Hozier
The mysterious fairy goddess has returned from the woods with a great EP, also I think I might be going to one of his concert next year AAAAAA

6. Simulation Theorie - Muse
I saw some pretty mixed opinions about their new album, but I really like it. I especially love Pressure and Dig down (even if you're not interested in their music I would really check out their Pressure music video, its so cool!!)

7. Thank you, next - Ariana Grande
I'm so exited for the music video, I've already watched the trailer
which is not something that I usually do but I couldn't resist

8. Pure Heroin - Lorde
Okay, I don't think that theres a single soul who doesn't know this album by now, but I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before and also if you somehow haven't listend to it yet .. you're welcome (One of my favorite songs is definitely Ribs)

9. come out and play - Billie Eilish
very festive
much snow

10. A brief inquiry into Online Relationships - The 1975
wow thats a long title (what is this Fall out boy) and I haven't even listened to it yet because I think they're doing the midnight release thing that top did too
But I wanted to include it anyways :)

Okay, so thats it
if you've read this far thank you, you truly deserve a medal

I hope you're having a great day or night or whenever you're reading this!!
don forget to eat your vegetables