I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, still at the young age of 3 I started learning English at school. My knowledge of said language grew just a little slower than my native language (Spanish).

So basically, without knowing, I learned a totally new language at a very young age and kept growing on it. Some years ago now I met a group of NYU students on a vacation and they kept saying my English was great, mostly compared to their (in most cases) lousy Spanish.

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In the meanwhile, my grandma always insisted on me learning her native language, Hungarian. She taught me basic things such as animals, numbers colors, even some short songs or tongue twisters. But clearly, I couldn't speak the language and could never understand her when she talked with her sister or her friends.
Fast forward to this year when I decided to start learning the language, because of my plans to move to Hungary after ending my studies.

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When trying to learn Hungarian I came to realize just how hard it is to learn a language from scratch. Therefore, I noticed just how privileged I was to learn English in such a natural way, with little effort ever since I was a little girl.

Nevertheless, I will persist with my self-taught lessons and hope to get a great level of the language and so continue with my life plans.

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