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while there are some lucky people simply born with artistic abilities, others have to study to become fluent in the language of art. whichever path you are on, know that everyone is an artist. this article is going to show you how to become a true artist in no time.

know the different types of art

if you have never spent much time creating art, it may feel daunting to try to become an artist all of a sudden. that's why it's important to have a good understanding of all the different types of art forms so you can find the right one for you. if there is a specific type of art you would like to learn more about, go for it, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try other ones too. some of the most basic forms of art include;

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drawing: drawings are generally created with a pencil, pen, charcoal, or crayon. they can be of objects placed right in front of you or images out of your imagination.

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painting: this method uses paint brushes to create both real life and imagined images with paint.

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photography: photography uses a film or digital camera to capture a moment in time. photographs often tell us about what the world was like at the exact moment that the photo was taken. photos can reflect great beauty or great horror--just as the world can too.

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sculpting: sculpting is the process of taking a material (clay, wood, metal, etc.) and shaping the material into a work of art or a functional tool (and sometimes both at the same time.)

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recognise your own strengths and weaknesses

once you have tried out all of the different styles of art, decide which ones you are stronger at. often someone who is fantastic at creating sculptures out of clay cannot paint to save their life. of course, there are other people who seem like they were created solely to be fantastic artists and excel in every art form.

another important thing to keep in mind is which medium you enjoy working with most. if you are fantastic drawer but feel pulled toward sculpting, why not give this new art form a try.

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do your research

it's important to learn the basics before you start any art form or else it's easy to get quickly frustrated with yourself. read books, articles, watch instructional videos and learn as much as you can about the art form. a key part of your research should consist of what supplies you will need to actually create art.

one of the best ways to learn is by studying the work of others who have come before you. it is completely possible to teach yourself how to be a great artist, you just have to put effort into learning the basics.

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the mind of an artist

observe the world around you with the eye of an artist. a key part of being an artist is observing the world around you and reflecting it in your artwork. notice how the light changes during the day, how colours affect you, how an interaction makes you feel. take the time to become fully aware of your surroundings and let your observations seep into your work.

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other opinions

seek out the opinions of others. don’t be afraid to show your work to people. value someone’s honest opinion, even if it is compiled of constructive criticism. ask a few people whose opinion you value to look at your art. don’t be discouraged if they aren’t gasping in awe - for most people, it takes time to really develop a talent for creating art.

ask them what they think you could get better at. maybe you have a hard time drawing hands, or you can’t seem to get the handle of a clay mug quite right. a second pair of eyes will help you to see what needs work.

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develop your own style

lastly, now that you have a better understanding of art you can now develop your own style. the best way to define yourself as a unique artist is to create your own style within the art form that you have learned. no one can teach you your own style - you need to discover it for yourself. try experimenting with different techniques. break yourself out of your comfort zone.

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