Hello fellow hearters,

This time around Christmas is coming up very soon so to get you all in the mood for Christmas I decided to write a short poem for you and I truly hope you enjoy it and get yourselves in the Christmas spirit!!

Winter Wonderland

Wonder amongst the snow
the cold, the ice but so full of light
Presents await, as family rejoice under you
where you shine

christmas, wallpaper, and winter image

A man comes down and delivers to you
As you accept brightly within you
All wonder in awe as they stare at you
As happiness is all you speak

christmas, wallpaper, and winter image

Colour is what you give
Glee is all you bring
Songs are what we hear
Love is what you embrace

background, christmas, and december image

As you resemble the night sky
So gracefully
Dancing within he lights
Singing with no sound

christmas and jingle bells image

This is your day, your life
As it only comes once in a lifetime
Celebrating the Winter Wonderland

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