I've been asked out less than ten times in my life. My friends are asked out practically everywhere they go.
This obviously led me to believe that I was ugly, or atleast uglier than they were. But I owned a mirror, and wasn't a stranger to compliments. I knew I wasn't ugly!

So what gives?

Ah, the different kind of beauties! I can credit my best friend for telling me this. He said that I possessed an "intimidating beauty", and my friends an "approachable beauty". I asked him to explain, and he did. And here are the characteristics of both approachable and intimidating beauties. (Hopefully this helps you cuties that don't get asked out a lot. It's not because you're ugly-it's because you're intimidating!)

Approachable Beauty:

These kinds of girls are usually shorter (but not always). They have extreemly friendly attitudes, pretty smiles, and a general girly vibe. Guys feel empowered to ask these girls our because they are easy to converse with, un-intimidating, and their girly nature makes them feel masculine, and thus, confident. These girls are chill, a lil basic, and sometimes can be described as the girl-next-door.

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Intimidaintg Beauty:

These kinds of ladies are usually taller (though not always the case). They may be quieter, more reserved or just maybe not as friendly. They might dress a little trendier, a little more daring, and this can be intimidating simply because it's different. Their expectations might be higher than average, or they come off a little colder-or classier. Guys sometimes feel too insecure to ask this kind of girl out because they're afraid that the rejection will be harsh, or that the girls may have unrealistic expectations (even if the girl is easy going!)

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Hope this helps! xoxo