What the world needs is a return to sweetness and decency ” -Roman Holiday (1953)

Here’re a few simple tips on how to win the whole world over with your kindness!

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Compliments are free!

That girl across the street is wearing just the perfect pair of sparkly heels? Say it! You just got your coffee or your pastry and found it exceptionally delicious? Say it! You rushed out of a store and someone kindly held the door for you? Again, stop for a moment and say it!

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There are literally endless little things we might see throughout the day that inspire us and yet we just rarely find ourselves pointing them out. So next time you come across something beautiful, or next time you catch your friends putting effort into something; compliment them! It’s free, it brings happiness and you never know how much impact your kind words could have to someone’s bad day or struggles.

( Hey hugs are, too! )

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Seek beauty in everyone and everything!

It’s in human nature to want to differ. To deny our common ground a little and decide not to mingle with everyone around us.

But apart from what I’ll call an artsy, unique pigment that sprays every person’s DNA and gives us that insignificant percentage of uniqueness… We’re all human!

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Each and every one of us has good qualities and flaws, too. We need to accept that not everyone sees the world through our glasses. Let’s stop pointing that out or mocking it. Let’s accept and respect that instead.

It’s like the world is a big garden and each of us a unique flower. Reds, pinks, whites, yellows, purples… Each flower has differences. In height, color, number of petals, resistance… And that’s an amazing thing. Imagine a garden being filled with the same kind of flower. It’d be exhaustingly boring, darlings! Now imagine the garden filled with all kinds of colors, smells, movements…A masterpiece really! But we shall not forget we’re all flowers under the same sky.

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Garden Path at Giverny, Claude Monet (1902)

Learn to love…!

And learn to love yourself first! After you learn to love you for who you are first, then you’re ready to give love to everyone around you. It takes effort and it’s more or less a lifetime commitment but I do believe we can achieve everything when we take baby steps.

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Surround yourself with people that make you feel loved and appreciated…That encourage you to be sweet and keep getting better and better.

And if you notice that your friends tend to do something you consider toxic, be firm with your beliefs. Don’t do things you don’t believe just to please them. Talk it out with them instead.

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If you come across someone acting out of themselves and talking rudely or undermining others, try to talk and listen to them. Understand that people are sometimes unfair or unkind because sadly that is all they have received in the past. Remember that we should never respond to a mean or violent bahavior with more violence. Sometimes a mean person is an insecure person. Sometimes a person that gets victimized is an insecure person as well. Sometimes people don’t know how precious they are yet. Sometimes they need to learn to love themselves first. Sometimes all they need… might be a hug (: and acceptance. Spread love around. We need love. Our world is in need of humanity…acceptance…kindness.

And most importantly, respect yourself. Know your worth. You are enough. Everyone is enough.

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Stay beautiful!

Till next time,
- Sunset S.

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