hello sweethearts!
as we all know, christmas is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family.
I'm thinking about posting an article with a few gift ideas + tips later, but for now i thought i should post a list of things on my wishlist - since all my friends are bothering me about not having any wishes, and this way i may actually be able to make a list.
this might also give you a few ideas for your own list, og gift ideas for your friends.

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1 - a cozy blanket.

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who doesn't want a warm and cozy blanket when it's winter?

2 - stickers.

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redbubble has soooo many beautiful stickers that i don't know what to do - i think i'm going to buy some myself also.

3 - makeup.

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i'm a basic girl, i love makeup.

4 - comic books.

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but even though i love makeup, i'm also a huge comic book nerd. i'm hoping to get either something from marvel or the walking dead.

5 - promarkers.

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i already own a bunch of promarkers, but it would be lovely to extend my collection.

6 - headphones.

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since my new headphones only fit iphones now (since apple need to be so extra .-.), i need a pair that I can use with my mac as well.

hope it may have given you some ideas!

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