hello beautiful hearters, so today I decided to do 15 questions tag

1) what is your eye color?

yellow, makeup, and flowers image green, eyes, and hazel eyes image
hazel eyes

2) what is your natural hair color?

girl and brunette image Temporarily removed

3) do your wear glasses?

Image removed girl, glasses, and beauty image
yes only at school

4) what is your favorite color?

ice cream, pink, and food image flamingo, pink, and aesthetic image
Blush pink

5) what is your zodiac sign?

Libra, zodiac, and stars image Libra, astrology, and zodiac image

6) do you have any siblings?

couple, disney, and goals image kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and makeup image
A brother & a sister

7) what is your favorite food?

pizza, beach, and summer image Image removed

8) what is your favorite animal?

cat, cute, and animal image animal, animals, and nature image

9) what language do you speak?

etsy, vintageremembrance, and english language image rose, flowers, and wallpaper image
English and malay

10 where do you want to travel to?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

11) what traits do you look for in a person?

Relationship, couple, and goals image luke hemmings, 5sos, and couple image
Loyal, honest and love me with all his heart. Taking care about me.

12) have you ever been in love?

love, couple, and Relationship image Temporarily removed
Yas. Only one time

13) are you single or relationship?

book, girl, and reading image Temporarily removed

14) what is your favorite TV show?

riverdale, bughead, and Betty image riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image

15) what is your favorite season?

christmas, Cookies, and food image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image

Thanks for reading! xx