// not too bop, but still for the summer

-- exo
kai and kim jongin image art, flowers, and nature image
" like the light of the yellow lightbulb in my room, you warmed me up "
be with you
-- jin longguo
aesthetic, nature, and theme image jbj, lq, and boyfriend material image
" the sweet scent of flowers come over with the wind, it resembles you "
beautiful time
-- nct dream
na jaemin, nct dream, and idol image aesthetic, balkan, and beautiful image
" you and I are together during every moment "
before the show
-- jbj95
Temporarily removed Image removed
" my heart jumps when I think about seeing you again "
candy (so good)
-- the rose
band, korean, and kpop image aesthetic, theme, and bts image
" dance, intertwine without leaving any behind "
city 127
-- nct 127
aesthetic, brown, and picture image Image removed
" above the sky, on the ocean, we will sail the new wave "
-- key
key, SHINee, and kpop image coffee and photography image
" only you can see, i am your complex formula "
let's go together
-- pentagon
sky, city, and purple image pentagon, edawn, and hyojong image
" let's laugh like we lost our minds, give me five "
naughty boy
Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, art, and face image
" i wanna live thousands of years with my fair lady "
no.2 u & i
-- jonghyun
Temporarily removed Jonghyun, SHINee, and kpop image
" i’m always here, waiting to hear your stories "

|| the full playlist is a mix of chill vibes to semi bops:

part 2 to be posted soon

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