This is a Productive Day In My Life in the finals season. I am writing this as a planner, just adjust this to ur habits and routine!

📚 Wake Up

I wake up around 8.30/9.00 am.

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📚 Leds & Water

In the fall/winter season I really enjoy turning my (christmas) leds on. After that I drink some water.

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📚 Self Care

Then I go to the bathrom to do my hygiene. I just wash my face and teeth. Then I put some cream for hydration, some lip balm and that is it.

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📚 Eat Breakfast

Do not skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.

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📚 Do Some Research

While I eat I like being on my computer. I watch some youtube videos or I look at pictures or articles in WHI.

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📚 Study Session

At this point, I grab a coffee and start studying.

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I start with the one that I like the most or the one that requires less time.

📚 Lunch

Time to have a little break to lunch.

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📚 Study Session

I study one more hour so I am still in the mood to study.
Maybe in this time I can summarize the first 3/4 pages of some chapter. Or do the first page of maths (or something) exercises.

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📚 Take a Break

It is time to take an actual break. Just breath for about one or two hours. Watch a movie or a serie, do some body workout or just go for a walk. Do what u like the most.

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📚 Back to Study

At this time, I finish the chapter so I can finally relax the rest of the day.

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And that is it for this productive day. Hope u liked it, xoxo 💖