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music to listen to while on the road. 1: Roy Blair, 2: declan mckenna
never enough - rex orange county
butterfly - umi
I’m not coming back - husky
keep the car running - arcade fire
runaway life - lu & sowlmate
run - lany
maybe we’re home - lewis watson
back of the car - rac
until we get there - lucius
leaving - milkk
backseat - prelow
flourescent adolescent - arctic monkeys
d’you have a car? - swmrs
kansas - roy blair
the kids don’t wanna come home - declan mckenna
gypsy - russ
sleep on the floor - the lumineers
parents house - kid bloom
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books to read while on the road
diary of an oxygen theif - anonymous
chameleon on a kaleidoscope - anonymous
milk and honey - rupi kaur
the sun and her flowers - rupi kaur
vagabonding - rolf potts
notes on nationalism - george orwell
guidebooks to countries you want to visit
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you need to pack minimalistic, but still have everything that means something to you in a safe place when you go. maybe have a box at your friends or in a storage unit. if your things aren’t safe at home, take the things that are closest to your heart.
favorite clothes
good shoes for all possible weathers
warm jacket for rain and wind would be best
small meaningful gadgets
best books
notebook & pen (not necessary, you can write everything on your phone)
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make sure, whatever you do, that you are as safe as possible
run away late night or early morning when everyone is asleep, so no one in the house sees you.
pack quickly right before you leave so no one sees a bag laying around, for this to happen you can write a list, or have one done in your mind so you know what to pack. but make sure if you write a list to hide it in a place where no one can find it.
plan how you are going to get away, by bus, car, hitch hike? if you hitch hike, if possible tell a friend that you are going to do it, in order to keep yourself as safe as possible. if not possible be sure to have a plan if something were to happen.
save up some money in secret, if possible. lie as much as you need to in order to make it happen
know where to sleep, hostel, couch surf, friends house. If you haven’t got a plan when you run away, ask on social media for a place, different apps and a simple google search goes far, you can also go into a travel agency and ask (safe distance from home is important, make sure they don’t know who you are, don’t let them book anything if you don’t want to, you can book it yourself, libraries often have a few computers where hopefully you can book whatever you need, if you can’t use your phone because of tracking).
if you want to, talk to strangers, a few contacts can go a long way when in a crisis.