Hello babes
First a small introduction:
So this is my first poem and it is probably gonna suck, like a lot. So if you have some tips to better my writing skills, please send me a message because I will appreciate it a lot!

A world without you

Lying in bed, pale faced
Did you feel graced?
Because we surely did not
All the pain that we got
And we all felt so blue
We still can't imagine A World Without You

You were there, lying still
And we, we learnt another skill
Silently letting tears flow
Like the falling of snow
And we still feel so blue
For we can't imagine A World Without You

The world kept turning
And we kept yearning
Yearning for good news
But we were left with a new bruise
And if only we knew
Because we still can't imagine A World Without You

You told us not to worry
Even though our sight got blurry
Why did you decided to leave us?
The news hit us like a bus
And we were left with a few
We need to accept A World Without You

We expected your death
And we still remember your last breath
You went on a last trip
And let go of our grip
And because of this sadness we grew
And started to live in A World Without You

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Well that was my first attempt at a poem, I hoped you liked it and if you have tips feel free to tell me!

xoxo Marleen