Here I stay in this town, freezing all the way to the train station wishing to see your face so I could feel you set fire to my world.
So tired of seeing the same faces, living the same routine over and over again. I just wish I could stop missing you the way I do, feeling the heat inside of me.
Perhaps our flame faded and you never even noticed.
Sometimes I wonder if you think about me at all. He's home now and we both know what that means...
Fire spreads between the sheets, feeling his body on top of me... His lips burning my skin all the way down.
Maybe I let this happen because he knows how to treat me right, how to make me feel alive.
I hear him plaing the piano. Almost can feel his fingertips touching the keys so gently yet so firmly, just like how he does to me.
My eyes wonder in the view from the living room window. What can I say? Maybe none of this is actually enough for me. Because sometimes I just wanna run to the woods.
Now his arms are around me, his body pressed to my back... His lips kissing my neck and I'm about to lose control.
Perhaps this is the full-stop for me. Where I forget your touch completely... Your voice calling for me to come back... And when we shared sighs quietly. Because when we went our separate ways you were just looking for another angle to attack.
I can see you hiding in the trees, waiting for the perfect moment to lay your eyes on me.
You're so addicted to see me that you could swim the seven seas.
He pressed me to window glass, kissing me so passionately... My legs around his waist.
Sometimes you have to learn how to fall in love with a person that's good for you, not the person you thought it was good.